Traveling with a 7 Month Old to the Caribbean

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  • Traveling with a 7 Month Old to the Caribbean
    Traveling with a 7 Month Old to the Caribbean
  • Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System
    Traveling with a 7 Month Old to the Caribbean
  • Dr. Brown's® Newborn Baby Bottle Feeding Set in Pink
    Traveling with a 7 Month Old to the Caribbean
  • Beaba New York Diaper Bag Gray $49 Sale
    Traveling with a 7 Month Old to the Caribbean
  • Grand Traveler Bag in Parisian Paisley
    Traveling with a 7 Month Old to the Caribbean
  • Summer Infant Travel Bed
    Traveling with a 7 Month Old to the Caribbean
  • Boppy Baby Chair Green Marbles
    Traveling with a 7 Month Old to the Caribbean
  • aden® by aden + anais® Swaddleplus® 4-Pack
    Traveling with a 7 Month Old to the Caribbean

Traveling with a 7 Month Old to the Caribbean!

Today, my hubby and I will be boarding a plane and traveling with our 7 month old to the caribbean for two weeks. We are very excited to be able to travel again since our last trip to Europe. Our Europe trip was a two week trip as well, but as much as we love Europe, I was ready to be back home. My family was able to take care of Emily for two weeks while we were away, but we sure did miss our little one.

During the next two weeks, we will be spending the rest of our holiday travels in sunny tropical weather. However, before we leave there are so many baby necessities to bring.

Below is a list of all the items I am bringing which I consider a MUST for our baby.

My Top 7 List: 

  1. Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System $1,020,99 (the price does not include cargo basket or tax) – Despite the cost of this stroller, it’s the easiest and most reliable stroller I have had. It swivels off the seat base and swivels right back onto the stroller frame. In fact, it’s great when wanting to turn the seat towards you while sitting at a restaurant or a shopping mall. The car seat fabric is also Certified Organic Fabric. The Orbit is also a Celebrity MUST and has also been seen by many celebrities including the Kardashians. I can definitely understand why so many celebrities use this stroller.
  2. Dr. Brown’s® Baby Bottle Feeding Set $24.99 These bottles are great for babies. I have used other brands but I’ve found these bottles to help my baby’s tummy from not getting too gassy. Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding these are recommended. However, the cleaning of all the pieces can be a little exhausting. I still feel it’s definitely worth it. 
  3. Beaba New York Diaper Bag $49 Before I had my baby girl, I bought the Coach Baby Bag. This bag weighed a lot without it being full of baby items. It did not work out for me and I ended up switching to the Beaba Diaper Bag. Best choice ever! The Coach Baby bag is now my travel bag for my laptop and all my other travel essentials. This Beaba bag comes with so many little items. These include a terry cloth changing mat, anti-bacterial pacifier storage case, Stroller strap and suitcase handle, insulated cooler and laundry bag, and shoulder strap plus long carrying strap. What more can a mother ask for! I love it and despite my love for designer/quality items this bag works out really well for me. Also, I purchased a stroller and received a $20 gift card for way less than the advertised price at Albee Baby. They have really good prices on their strollers too. I myself bought the Quinny Buzz Xtra from Albee as a back up stroller. 
  4. Grand Traveler Bag in Parisian Paisley $120Other great bags I use for traveling are the Vera Bradley bags. They are light and can fit a lot of baby items. Plus, they have really soft fabric. Vera Bradley also carries cute Lunch Bags which I use to store bottles and food for my baby. 
  5. Summer Infant® Infant Travel Bed $30.11 I myself love this travel bed for my baby. However, it does have to be on a Queen/King size bed because the little cushion is not that soft for baby. On a bed it’s perfect. I love it because it’s smaller than other travel beds and fits easily in our suitcase. 
  6. Boppy Baby Chair Green Marbles $49.99 Sale I love this chair because it’s portable and fits in our suitcase with the tray that comes with it. It’s also great for on the road travel. Most babies after the age of 6 months love to be seated. This and the Bumbo are great for babies and easy for on-the-go. 
  7. aden® by aden + anais® Swaddleplus® 4-Pack $34.99 We have been using these since our daughter was born. They are great to keep our baby warm and thin enough to travel to hot & humid take out with. I still use these as stroller blankets and also for breastfeeding when I need to cover. They are thin enough where my baby will not sweat in them. The aden + anais burpy bib is also great because they are a burp and bib in one. I prefer these compared with using a burp cloth and a bib for my baby. 

This list does not include baby clothes, baby wipes, diapers, diaper rash cream, baby lotion, baby wash and all others.

Enjoy and If you have any travel recommendations that you use for your baby please take a moment to comment below.

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