How to Buy Inexpensive Furniture Online!

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Looking for inexpensive furniture online?  

Recently, we had to purchase new furniture for our home. So we began our furniture shopping 2 weeks ago by going to a few furniture galleries in our areas such as Macy’s Furniture, Rooms To Go and Ikea. After spending countless hours and days, we were very disappointed… Most of the furniture we came across was made of veneers, poplar solids and supposedly veneers over wood! Every piece of furniture felt hollow and thin! And I am looking for inexpensive furniture online. It seems I can get a better deal online than in-store.

As I was browsing through the showrooms, I was amazed by how great the furniture looked but when I went to check out the description of what the furniture consisted of I was disappointed. Not to mention, it was overpriced and out of our budget. 

I spent many evenings researching about furniture and how to get inexpensive furniture at the best quality. The only reason I want quality furniture is because while I was pregnant there were many times my water cup spilt on my nightstand. Well, the top of the furniture began to lift and warp. I then realized the furniture we had was poplar wood and veneers and did not last very long. 

Growing up, I had marble tops on solid wood furniture. When I spilt water on the tops of the furniture I had no issue. But with a starting out family of 3 the marble top wood furniture I grew up with came at a steep price and was not easily affordable not to mention heavy. 

Let me begin by a brief description of what style of woods you will find in furniture stores below:

  1. Poplar Wood– This is one of the most inexpensive types of woods out there. It is a soft wood with a rating of 1 in hardness from a scale of 1 to 5. This type of wood is rarely used in premium furniture pieces.
  2. Veneer Wood A thin slice of wood (thinner than 3mm) which most of the time is glued onto a surface. This piece of wood is acquired by slicing a think piece from the trunk of a tree. This type of wood for furniture makes it cost effective and easier to make.
  3. Asian Rubberwood You can find this type of wood furniture less expensive in price than other hardwood furniture pieces. Rubberwood is made from a Para rubber tree grown in rubber plantations. It is known to an “eco-friendly” wood.
  4. Solid Wood A type of wood that is not hollow. Composed of only wood all throughout. Meaning this type of wood is not made of composite wood or wood fibers. This type of wood has a long lifespan and can be refinished and repaired in the course of many years.
  5. Tropical Hardwoods Hardwood from the tropics. This includes teak, wenge, rosewood and mahogany woods which grow in the tropical forests.
  6. Manufactured Wood (man-made wood, composite wood, or manufactured board) This is made from fixing together strands, fibers, particles, veneers or boards of wood together with glue or another form of adhesive. This includes plywood. Plywood is made from laminated sheets of veneers which are bonded together.

When searching for furniture, the most inexpensive furniture pieces you will find are probably made from manufactured wood. They look great from the outside but if you spill water on them or place a cup of water it will leave a ring around the cup and eventually the wood will begin to warp.

If you want to save and get the lower grade wood furniture, I recommend going to your local glass and mirror store and order a glass table cover to protect your furniture. You can also order a custom glass table cover online. This type of glass cover can be used for nightstands, dressers, dining tables and coffee tables. If you want your furniture to last many years, pay a little more and you can get good quality furniture. 

Below is some information regarding the different type of woods you can choose from for furniture: (Don’t forget to pin this image for future reference) 


  1. Oak- This is a grainy wood and is very durable and will not warp as easily. But if it stains, the stain can leave a darker look on the wood.
  2. Pine- A low-cost wood and inexpensive. Though, with low-cost, comes a softer wood which will easily scratch.
  3. Maple- This is an affordable wood and can last many years and still look great. It also takes stains easier than oak wood.
  4. Walnut- This is a very durable and strong wood. It is more costly and is great for shaping and better design. Though, this type of wood can range from a darker walnut to a lighter walnut in on wood board.
  5. Cherry-  This color wood easily shapes and has a straight grain. It’s expensive and can darken over time.

Check out some furniture pieces below which are inexpensive but quality furniture: 

inexpensive furniture online1. Amazon Acme 16250 Espresso Round Dining Table 48 Inch  2. Signature Design by Ashley Vennilux Sofa Table  3. Modus Furniture Meadow Solid Wood Platform Bed, Brick Brown, King 4. Safavieh American Home Collection Lonan Medium Walnut and White Storage Bench

Click below to go directly to Amazon to search for quality wood furniture at a good price: 

  1. Wood Furniture over 25% off 
  2. Wood Furniture over 50% off 
  3. Wood Furniture over 70% off 

Hopefully this post helps with your search for furniture and your different options on shopping for inexpensive furniture online. 

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